Africa One is specialist Corporate Advisory firm that was founded to support entrepreneurs to identify, implement and leverage the business opportunities available in Africa.  We have been dedicated, for over a century, to empowering entrepreneurs in building their businesses from both a start-up phase to restructuring processes to a product/service pivoting strategy to business rescue and turn-around strategies as well as managing high level community and corporate conflicts.  

With a focus on adding long term impact on our client's bottom line and cash flow, we at Africa One have found a heightened need amongst companies to engage specialist services that do not only address the specialist skill required under the engagement, but also delivery in a model that is focused on RETURN-ON-INVESTMENT.


 WHY AFRICA ONE?          

We believe that the following are main reasons our clients value our services: 

  • The development of a transparent relationship with our clients.
  • We work in the trenches with our clients
  • Implementation of a pro-active approach to identifying and managing risk
  • Focused on being long term minded
  • Passion and Drive in what we do
  • Consistent focus on adding value

 OUR ETHOS           

- SINE CERA (Without Wax)

In early Roman times Master craftsmen used to engrave their sculptures and works with the term "sine cera", meaning without wax.  Since was was commonly used by lesser craftsmen to hide blemishes and mistakes in their works due to its easy manipulation and low cost.  The tragedy of the use of wax was that the warm Mediterranean climate caused the wax to melt over time, thus showing the imperfections in the works bought.  So the claim that something was "sine cera" would be an important guarantee during this Roman time.  

Taking this ethos into consideration, 

our focus is to at all times remain:  





We are extremely proud of our multi-disciplinary team, that can provide high impact engagements to our select clients that is not only geared towards return-on-investment but virtually guarantees business growth.

High Impact Management Consulting

  • Growth Strategy Development
  • Growth Strategy Implementation
  • Corporate/Debt Restructuring
  • Distressed Company Turn Around
  • Pan African Expansions
  • Local/Offshore Corporate Structuring

Boutique Capital Management & Solutions 

  • Enterprise Development Investments
  • CSI Management
  • Capital Raising & Management Buyouts
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Sell Side Representation
  • Offshore Tax & Wealth Solutions

Executive & Outsourced Engagements

  • Conflict & Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate Crisis Intervention
  • Independent Directorship
  • Outsourced Growth Officer
  • Outsourced Financial Officer
  • Independent Trustees

        Digital Solutions                   

  •  Corporate Identity & Rebrand
  • Remote Working Solutions
  • Digital Communications Solutions
  • Digital Reputation Management
  • Digital Task Automation
  • Community Communications


 Subsidiaries, Partners & Engagements